Omorfi Active Skin Care

No fairy tales, just honest, active ingredients that do what they say

You’re beautiful, you know that?

And when I talk about beauty, I’m talking about real beauty.

The kind that takes your breath away.

And it’s not about perfection.

I mean when every cell of your body is smiling – you’re radiant, gorgeous. As we say in Greek, you’re Omorfi.


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Beauty, with purpose

I’m Ang, owner of LeKeyah and founder of Omorfi Active Skin Care. I come from a long line of strong, smart and brave women and, like my mother and grandmother before me, I’m driven by my passion.

My life’s purpose?

To help make people feel their best. It’s not about the surface level appearance, either, it’s about making the best of what you’ve got.

Your skin is my passion, and trust me, I know skin – what works, and what’s just a waste of time. And in the decade that I’ve been a clinical aesthetician, I’ve worked with every skin type imaginable.

And just like my grandma gathered up recipes in her secret book, I’ve been collecting my own kind of black book of beauty secrets.

Like hers, they’re designed to put a smile on your face.

Unlike hers, these ones are ready for sharing with the world.

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Skincare with all the smarts and zero rubbish

Omorfi Active isn’t covered by smoke and mirrors. It’s a home-grown Australian skin care range, backed by science and experience, for real women.

It’s high-end products at prices designed for everyone.


PS Here’s the secret to incredible skin

Here’s something you won’t hear in this billion-dollar skincare industry: you can’t forget about your health and expect skincare products to magically fix everything. You have to make sure you drink plenty of water, eat fresh fruit and vegetables, get some exercise, and do something you love every day (even for 7 minutes).

Healthy skin is a way of life – your skin is a part of your body and you have to treat it right. Then (and only then) will your products help it flourish.


A range designed for unique skin types

Omorfi has been in my head (and my heart) for nearly a decade, but it wasn’t until I was barricaded in my home office during COVID isolation that I had the time to make the ten thousand phone calls necessary to set the wheels in motion.

I knew exactly what I wanted, and how to make it, in order to meet the needs of every unique type of skin. I whipped up my ingredients list and found a whizz-kid pharmacist right here in Australia.

After closing time at my salon, and hours of phone calls, meetings and refining well into the night, we were finally ready to pull the pin.

Simple branding, sleek packaging, and superior ingredients.

Boom; I couldn’t keep it on the shelves.


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Client Love

When people are sending you messages on a Sunday night to tell you how grateful they are to finally get results, you have to share it with the world!


“Sorry for the late msg but I was so excited after taking off the most beautiful mask you gave me ✨.

It’s left my skin so soft, firm, and hydrated. Unlike any of the hundred other masks I’ve used, it doesn’t make your skin feel dry afterwards. You are a genius Ang, amongst many other things ❤️. Thank you 🙏.

Don’t even get me started on how good the eye firming cream is. I LOVE YOUR WORK ✨.”

Tanya Minster | Melbourne





Direct from me to you: Full disclosure

I genuinely want to help people. I don’t want anyone wasting their money or time on products that don’t do a dog-gone thing.

With my range, you can be 100% sure that you’re not lathering your skin in expensive who-knows-what. My products have passed under the scrutinous eyes of my oldest, most beloved salon customers.

The only thing left is to do is try them for yourself.

These products, these ingredients will make a real difference to your skin. And if they don’t, just call me.

Ang xxx


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