Pedicures and Manicures

Here at Lekeyah, we are renowned for our pedicures and manicures.  They are two of our most relaxing and popular treatments.  We perfectly manicure the nails, remove all of the surface dead skin from the bottom of the heels, give a mesmerising massage and then finish with either a standard nail polish or an instantly drying Shellac Polish.  Soothing heat, gentle vibration, and refreshing bubbles provide a relaxing massage your feet won’t soon forget.  The only tough decision will be which colour to choose or which beverage to enjoy with your treatment…..

Express Manicure- $50

Manicures with a tailored Evo Gel  – $70.00
LeKeyah Signature Manicure OR Pedicures (Includes Salt Exfoliation and Dead Sea Warm Mud Wrap– $95.00
Express Pedicure (excluding polish) – $60.00
Standard Pedicure – $65.00
Standard Pedicure with Shellac – $85

SNS dip powder Manicures–  $80.00



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