Alpha-H Age Delay Cleansing Oil




The must-have multi-tasker.This luxurious Sea Buckthorn and Tangerine Oil infused cleansing balm melts away make-up and impurities and leaves the skin clean, satin soft and radiant. The blend of moisture loving hydrophillic oils work synergistically to trap the residue of stubborn waxes and pigments found in colourfast makeup and waterproof mascara, allowing them to be redily rinsed away without upsetting the skin’s natural hyroplipidic balance. The oil emulsifies to encapsulate any daily grime, excess sebum and dead skin cells, lifting these impurities away from the pores instantly. Essential fatty acids from coconut, grape seed and vitamin E work to revitalise dry, dehydrated and ageing skin. Lavender, rosehip and chamomile difuse and soften stressed and sensitive areas to leave tour skin feeling clean and supple.
Free from parabens, mineral oil, sulphates, detergents, artificial fragrances and colours, this cleanser is appropriate for all skin types, particularly dry and delicate. This multi-tasking product is also ideal as a shaving emulsion and nourishing mask.

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